Toy Tokyo over the past 15 years has developed a reputation as one of the worlds top purveyors of collectible, and limited edition toys. But also, Toy Tokyo has established as solid footing as the go-to shop for rare, and vintage collectible toys. The experts at Toy Tokyo scour the whole country for rare collectibles, and also determine the authenticity and value of the piece before presenting them to our discerning customers. This is the category where you the customer are going to be able to discover what treasures the experts of Toy Tokyo has been able to ressurect from from collectors' basements, garages and storage spaces.

And to define rare...rare can be a piece that is only five years old, or 50 years old. So there will be contemporary pieces in this collection also.

This is truly a vault of vintage and rare pieces of toy history that is sure to take adults of every generation back to their childhood.