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AMC’s The Walking Dead has single handedly become one of the hottest television shows in recent history captivating fans with zombies, guts, and gore. But at the same time capturing fans with a tale of the human condition, and survival.

The story is simple at the beginning. The zombie apocalypse has hit and Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln has become the leader of a small, tight knit group of survivors struggling to make it through a country, and at times urban deathscape. Latter seasons, the zombies are still there, but that is the least of the group’s problems. Other groups, and general other bad guys have started become a bigger threat to the band’s safety. Zombies are relatively easy to dispose of...sort of. But groups with The Governor, or the Wolves, or lately the Saviors led by Negan pose to be bigger thorns in the side of Rick and his posse.

Characters such as Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus; Glenn Rhee portrayed by Steven Yeun; and Maggie Green, portrayed by Maggie Greene have become like family for viewers around the world. Of course many beloved characters have a strong tendency of being killed off over the seasons, and as annoying as it may be, it keeps the viewers and fans hooked.

Who can’t possibly love the badassness of Michonne, played by Danai Gurira (and has one name like Prince). Or even the lovable bad-boy Abraham played by Michael Cudlitz become very quickly fan favorites.

So if any character on the show is a fan favorite, including some of the favorite zombie kills, Funko definitely puts them into their crosshairs and Funko-izes them into Pop! Vinyls, or now Dorbz. Right up there with other popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones, AMC’s The Walking Dead is definitely a fan favorite of Funko collectors.