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Kubrick & Bearbrick

Kubrick and Bearbrick toys are the creations of the Japanese company Medicom Toy, and is you classic brick style toy that is a hybrid of Lego and Playmobile toys. Over the years Kubricks and Bearbrick toys have undergone the embellishments of hundreds of iconic international licenses for movies, music, sports and more.

Kubricks are essentially the first Pop! Vinyl toys when it comes to snagging various licenses. Kubrick and Bearbrick toys have successfully done their toy embellishments of movies such as Star Wars, or Transformers. Characters such as Jack Sparrow from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean have graced the plastic of Kubrick and Bearbrick toys. Harry Potter is even a Kubrick toy.

Kubrick and Bearbrick toys embraced artists from around the world including well known people such as Kaws, Pusshead, and Ron English.

But what are these guys? They are 9 piece plastic toys coming in three different sizes; 100% at a little over 2 inches, 400% at around 10 inches, and finally the mega-sized at nearly 24 inches. The Kubrick's have a little more sculpture going for them, and the Bearbricks are more like a free-form canvas leaving the artist to make the design and work their magic.

The name Kubrick is an hommage to the director Stanley Kubrick and the original Kubrick logo is a play on the A Clockwork Orange movie logo.