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Hailing from Jersey City, based in Brooklyn, Brian Donnelly aka Kaws is one of the superstars of the designer toy, and vinyl collectibles market. Kaws created probably one of the most recognizable pop icons known across the planet with his grafitti, his toys, his books, and in recent years his artwork. A-list celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, and Seth Rogan collect his toys and art. His Companions have appeared at MTV's Video Music Awards, including a Kaws version of the VMA trophy with his trademark skull and crossbones, with the X'ed out eyes. An image of his Chum, which is a Kaws twist on the Michelin Man appeared in a Franz Ferdinand video. And Kanye West featured the artwork Kaws in his 2008 album 808s and Heartbreaks.

Kaws even in recent years made it to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, both in the promotional material and as a giant balloon making its way down the parade route. Kaws is the man who catapulted toy collecting for adults out of 40 Year-Old Virgin status to something cool, and beautiful.

Kaws started his career as graffiti artist in Jersey and worked his way across NYC hitting up bus stop ads in the City creating what are now priceless pieces of art transforming Diesel Jean ads, and Calvin Klein ads with his trademark spermazoid with crossbones and X’ed out eyes.

Kaws has now turned his eyes towards the international art scene opening up solo shows in well known galleries spanning the globe.