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If anyone out there has not seen Star Wars, they are not human. And anyone who has not seen Star Wars and refers to Darth Vader as “Dark Vader” needs to be beheaded with a Lightsaber, not a “Lifesaver”. The fact of the matter is is that Star Wars is probably one of the greatest movie franchises ever. And to try to drive home the point further, if a three year-old in a backstreet toy museum in Istanbul, Turkey sings the Imperial March perfectly, it says volumes about the pop-culture impact worldwide.

Everyone has a memory or two about Star Wars and seeing the original trilogy, or even the prequels. And heck, JJ Abrams knocked it out of the park with Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Many new memories were made opening day there.

Another phenomenon that Star Wars spawned back in the late 70s was the craze of merchandising, toys affiliated with movies. Sure, they existed before Star Wars rolled into the neighborhood. But Star Wars took it to the next level. It targeted a new consumer market, and peoples’, and specifically kids of that era’s desire to collect. Which in turn created the modern collector of today who shells out the big bucks for collectibles old and new.

Star Wars was one of the early licenses obtained by Funko back in the day. Back in the day not so long ago, but back in the day.

Now Funko has tapped into the old school collector market, as well as the new collector with a huge array of Pop! Vinyls, Hikaris and now Dorbz. Many variants and exclusive colorways have popped up along the way and are commanding prices that sorta equal an original mint carded Jawa from 1978. Maybe not quite there yet, but close.

Now since the Star Wars franchise has been picked up and given hyperspeed with a boost from Disney, fans can look forward to about seven years of new movies, which for Funko means at least seven years of cool collectibles to give to their fans, old, new and in the future.