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What is old is what is now new again. That seems to be a recurring theme these days. Vinyl records were “In” for decades, the preferred medium for music listening for great-grandparents, grandparents and parents. DJs once played exclusively with vinyl, but that all soon became a part of history with the advent of digital music. There were also cassette tapes, where the average person today would have no clue on how to use them. CDs were of course the mainstay of digital music for a minute too.

But oddly enough, vinyl made a comeback, and even cassette tapes are showing up at music stores across the country. What is old is what is new again.

And this applies for toys of course, and brings us to the next category of Funko toys, ReAction. Spawned in San Francisco by the top Bay Area toy purveyor Super 7, ReAction launched with a very simple first line of three and a half inch figures, a license that never was from back in the 70s, Alien. Back in the day the action figures never made it beyond the sample stage, but the folks at Super 7 decided to bring it back.

Like the Star Wars figures of back in the day, from the original trilogy in the 70s and early 80s, the ReAction figures were primitive by today’s standards, five points of articulation, maybe 4 for some. And many of the characters manufactured in the early days of action figures were rudimentary representations of the original movie characters.

Today’s action figures are near-perfect representations of the actors that portrayed them.

So, a desire to go back to simpler times resulted in ReAction, and eventually a partnership formed with the folks over at Super 7 and Funko. Coupled with the licensing powerhouse of Funko, ReAction brought to primitive articulated figuration a variety of lines of ReAction figures.

The action figures were complete with 70s and 80s style carded blister packs, with the same lo-fi graphics and layout that was synonymous with early action figures.

Dozens of movie licenses and characters later, ReAction is now on the map along with the rest of the Funko family of collectibles.