Funko Pop! Vinyl

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Here’s what started it all for the new Funko, the Pop! Vinyls that we know today, and that has become a global phenomenon. Funko, before the current boss Brian took over was a brand specializing in bobble-heads, and what put Funko on the map at first was the Big Boy bobble-head. Brian bought the company and at San Diego Comic Con he introduced the Funko Force 2.0 figures...which really didn’t make it off of the starting blocks.

But strangely enough, there was a positive buzz from women collectors, and Comic Con die-hards that prompted Brian to add 25 additional licenses to their original three big properties they owned - Lucasfilm, DC and Marvel - and with a little bit of  thinking outside the box by placing the collectibles in big-box stores, and mainstream online retailers, toy history was made...the Funko Pop! Vinyl was officially born.

Now Funko owns nearly 100 licenses, and this number is constantly changing. And, as long as there are new movies, TV shows, cartoons, and other pop icons coming on the scene...sure enough there will be a Pop! Vinyl representation of that person, character, or icon.

And now that Pop! Vinyls are spreading onto a global market, regional Pop! Vinyls are already popping up around the planet.