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Pop! Life Entertainment based in Hong Kong and is the Asia branch of Funko Pop! - hence Pop! Asia. Recently Pop! Asia has been handling much of the hot Asian anime, and sci-fi characters such as Ultraman and Astro Boy. Also in the Pop! Asia mix are favorite characters from Asian mythology such as Hanuman, and Tosakan, and even Aswang from the Philippines.

And speaking of the Philippines, Pop! Asia also introduced a number of popular Manny Pacquiao Pop! Vinyls over the past couple of years. Pop! Asia has been at the forefront of popularizing the whole Funko Pop! movement across the Pacific from the Funko headquarters in Washington State.

Pop! Asia even managed to snag up an NBA license and released a highly sought after line of popular ball players including superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and a bunch more.

UFC was also a big score for Pop! Asia, being the first to release a line of Connor McGreggor Pop! Vinyls, way before Funko Stateside was able to catch up with their own releases.

Pop! Asia has gained steam in the United States and are highly sought after by collectors of Funko Pop! Vinyl collectibles. This is one line of Pop! Collectibles to keep an eye on.