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Funko Movies

Let’s face it, movies are a big part of pop culture. Who can’t possibly not have some sort of memory about Star Wars (the first unadulterated, non-CG classic), or Indiana Jones (before Indy met the X-Files, or Ancient Aliens). This is all a part of pop culture. John Hughes classics like 16 Candles, or Breakfast Club, or more contemporary classics such a Napoleon Dynamite. All of these are elements of modern pop culture, and if something is pop culture, you can bet a dollar that Funko has gotten their hands on it and made a Pop! Vinyl line, or a Hikari, or a ReAction, or a Dorbz piece out of it.

And people have to face it, as long as there are movies hitting the screen, then there will always be Funko around to churn out a groovy rendition to appease hungry fans. Doesn’t matter if the movies is an animated pieces like Kung Fu Panda, or Zootopia, or even Disney classics such as Alice in Wonderland, or live action movies like Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight or heck, even Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens...Funko is going to hit it, and bring the pieces to fans of all ages to enjoy.

This is primarily one of the reasons why Funko is here to stay, because as long as there are new, popular movies being shot, and brought to the silver screen, there will always be a constant and steady flow of licenses to obtain.

As with any other collectible produced by Funko, there are exclusive versions and colorways that always appeal more to the collector, and make them want to reach deeper into their pockets to obtain that one sought after piece representing a favorite movie, or a movie that sparks a bit of nostalgia, taking the collector back to their childhood.