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Superhero movies back in the day always had a sketchy reputation. Most were B-rate movies at best, and the only mentionable bit of fame they ever received was attaining the level of being a cult classic...and that’s being too nice, generally it was for the almost comedic method acting.

Marvel was the first comic book family that seriously started any notable amount of time in movie production. Probably the first successful comic book realization on the big screen was the X-Men back in 2000. And maybe some of the earlier Spideman movies (maybe). Marvel character-based movies brought excitement, technology, good acting and Marvel onto the big screen.

The next movie franchise to become a hit for Marvel Studios was Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr. taking the helm(et) of becoming on of the top movie superheroes. This of course didn’t go unnoticed by Disney early on, and then they acquired Marvel Studi

The movie franchise is red hot, adding character based movies such as Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk, the Avengers, and even Guardians of the Galaxy. All of these movies are true cinematic masterpieces of pure, unadulterated movie entertainment.And of course, much like Alfred Hitchcock, Marvel’s Stan Lee makes his little cameo appearances in every movie associated with Marvel.

When Brian took over Funko, there were the three hot initial licenses, Marvel, DC and Star Wars. These three licenses catapulted Funko forward with its line of Pop! Vinyl collectibles, couple with Hikar sofubis, and Dorbz, and many other lines.

Currently one of the biggest lines of collectibles, as far as sheer numbers of available pieces is concerned; and as long as Marvel Studios together with Disney keeps the Iron Man, ora the Captain America movies coming, there will never be a shortage of really cool PoP!