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Funko’s Hikari line of collectibles was one of the early additions to the Funko family of products. The Hikari’s are a homage to Sofubi, or soft vinyl toys that have been a popular mainstay of Japanese toys since the 60s. The designs are often rather garish and primitive, yet at the same time alluring to people of all ages. Over recent years Japanese sofubi toys managed to cross cultures also.

With the popularization of vinyl toys in the United states in the late 90s right through to the present, Japanese sofubi toys gained popularity, and a modern movement of the classic Japanese vinyl toy exploded in the US and throughout the globe. Many contemporary vinyl toys were made available to the public in very limited release designed by well known artists and commanded large prices on the primary and secondary markets.

So, step in Funko, who stepped into the scene with a line of Hikari toys, hitting the market with some DC comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Star Wars pieces. All of the piece are marked with the edition, which mean states how many pieces of each piece is produced worldwide.

Eventually, as with many of the Pop! Vinyl pieces manufactured by Funko, the Hikari sofubi soft vinyl collectibles also started having exclusive colorways products, and like many of the vinyl toy predecessors of Hikari, the secondary market for these pieces also was proven to be rather lucrative for collectors.

Many of the exclusives are hand-embellished adding to their value and collectibility.

And, as with other Funko lines, Hikari keeps adding on the licenses.