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It's amazing to think how far video games have come since the first consoles appearing on the market in the mid-70s with Atari's Pong, which was allegedly initially designed as a traning excercise. Well, it was 1972 to be precise, and basically the Pong video came was the first electronic video game to appear on the market. I guess Pong could be the patient zero of the video game industry. Then obviously came a string of game consoles from various companies in the industry in the early days such as Magnavox, of course Atari, then there was Sega in the early days, as well as Nintendo. Eventually video games started spawning character-based games, the first of those being the iconic Pac Man. There were also classic shoot-em games in space like Asteroids, or the also classic iconic video game Space Invaders. Games like Centipede, Frogger and Dig Dug popped up, and who could forget the Tron video game.

Video games and arcades kind of ran together hand-in-hand, with preferences leaning towards video arcades as the quality of the arcade home-console-couterparts were more often than not, sort of substandard, more basic.

But gradually that changed with Moore's Law with basic physics, and technological development dictating the speed and size, and number of transistors and semi-conductors in a finite timeline. Basically, things are going to get get faster every two years until things can't be shrunk down any further. For video games, this meant better graphics, bigger stories, more action. First person shooter games popped up like Doom, then developed into games like Halo. Basically, shit got crazy to the point where it is today where most games are movie realistic, virtual reality realms mimicking everything. If all that makes sense.

Now Nintendo, Sony with its Playstation and Microsoft with its X-Box dominate the industry, and the video games have developed into a multi-billion dollar industy.

So, why doesn't Funko take of piece of this pie. Like movies of yesterday and today, people have become fanboys and fangirls of video games, and merchandising of these characters have become a big business also. Funko with it's Games catagory, specifically as Pop! Vinyl pieces brings to fans cool collectibles in a tangible, handheld avatar of their appropriate games.


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