Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is probably one of the longest running Television Science Fiction shows that were ever produced, having kicked off way back in November of 1963 with the first manifestation of the Doctor played by the gray-haired William Hartnell...actually there was no choice for hair color options during the first series of the show, since it was in black and white. The show was originally conceived by the BBC to be a family show airing once a week, taking viewers back in history to explore important periods of history. Oh, should mention here that The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey. And The Doctor goes on adventures throughout the universe, travailing many galaxies, star systems, and planets...and through time in an old school British Police Call Box called the Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). During one of the early trips conducted by The Doctor, the circuitry that allowed the Tardis to adapt to its environment based upon the landing site had malfunctioned. Hence the Tardis of the 60s style Police Box that we know today.

The show’s producers had a brilliant way of keeping the show alive, and fresh over the years by occasionally “killing” The Doctor off, only to be regenerated. There was a small plot obstacle in that The Doctor can regenerate 12 times. The BBC fixed that by starting The Doctor on a whole new cycle.

Anyway. Over the decades, and with the revival of Doctor Who in the mid-90s, the show has produced some brilliant regenerations of The Doctor, as well as a whole line up of sidekicks, villains, and general bad guys. The Master being at the top of the list, alongside the iconic Daleks, who were designed originally back in the day from an inspiration from a salt and pepper shaker. The early Daleks, in the very primitive early shows, viewers could see the costume actors shuffling around inside the costumes on wheeled desk chairs. The movement was kinda jerky.

Other cool characters that were memorable over the years included K-9 a robotic pooch, the Cybermen, and the Sontarens.

Companions of The Doctor included Romana and Sarah Jane Smith in the early series and Rory Williams and River Song in the contemporary Doctor Who serials.

Then there is the music. The Doctor Who theme song is as iconic as the show, and it is also little know that the person who produced the theme song, Delia Derbyshire, is probably one of the earliest originators of electronic music, pre-dating many popular electronic music pioneers. Through the use of rudimentary sampling devices, mostly just tape loops, and early analog synthesizers, the theme song of over 50 years ago lives to today.

So, it only seems natural that a show of such popular culture clout, and such a huge easily recognizable icon and now brand only become a Pop! Vinyl collectible, making it one of the larger series of pieces that has been created by Funko.

A good gauge of popularity of a Pop! Vinyl piece is the number of exclusives that are released, and Doctor Who is definitely one of those pieces that has churned out quite a few valuable collectibles.

Now, anyone care for a Jelly Baby?