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Let’s face it, everyone around the planet has either grown up, or in one form or another have been exposed to the magical world of Walt Disney. Anything that is fantasy, action, animated, eerie, or beautiful has (chances are) been touched by the hands of Disney.

Right now Disney probably owns some of the biggest franchises out there, including Marvel movies, and Star Wars. Heck, what more do you need.

From the humble beginnings spanning back to the early part of the 20th century, and the first time the world experienced Mickey Mouse, Disney has been an integral part of childhood for generations, and across countries, continents and cultures.

Disney has become a very important brand worldwide. It is probably one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, so what would not have been a perfect match made in the Magic Kingdom other that Disney and Funko.

Ranging from the classics such as Mickey, or Dumbo, or even Goofy. Or classics such as Beauty and the Beast, or The Little Mermaid. Or even Disney Pixar contemporary classic animated features such as Toy Story, Wall-E, or Inside Out...Funko has definitely become an integral part of the Disney family.

Incidentally, some of the rarer Disney Pop! Vinyl figures are probably the most valuable collectibles in the line. For example a couple of versions of the Dumbo Pop! Vinyl can fetch a couple of thousand dollars!

Now add the Star Wars collectibles to the mix, and the existing Marvel license belonging to Disney, the Funko Pop! line with the most individual pieces is more than likely Disney.


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