Daltanias Godaikin 1980s Bandai Classic Combiner Robot

Height 17.00
Width 14.00
Depth 5.00

Daltanias is a piece of Bandai combiner robot toy history! Originally produced as a Popy toy in 1979, the piece was released in 1983 as part of the Godaikin line. This is the original Bandai release in the US from 1983. The toy itself is in mint condition. Most common sign of wear on this piece is the flaking off of the chrome, and the gold paint. This Daltanias is in perfect condition, the chrome and gold is like it was when it was first released over 30 years ago. The box has some shelf wear, but it is in very good, if not excellent condition. No tears.

This is a beautiful example of early toy history here. We just have one that was pulled out of the Toy Tokyo archives.