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Founded in 2008 by renowned comic book artist Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong, the World of Ashley Wood's surreal battle between the forces of good and evil translated perfectly into incredibly detailed 1/6th and 1/12 scale collectible figures. Among Wood's properties on paper that went 3D were Popbot, Tomorrow Kings, World War Robot, Adventure Kartel and the sleek and sexy Isobelle Pascha lines.

Over the years 3A branched out in their award-winning designs and production techniques to add a few notches to their belt by snagging licenses from Valve, Konami's Metal Gear Solid and 343 Industries' Halo franchise. And coming really soon, there are some amazing Transformers figures, as well as Bungie's smash hit game, Destiny.

Up and coming projects for Wood and the team at 3A are characters from Marvel, DC, Microman, and Reservoir Dogs...and obviously much, much more as the World of Ashley Wood grows...